Ride the Curl Wave,


COILBAR's the textured haircare brand where curls—from those tight coils to laid-back loops, and every mixed-textured curl in the game—aren't just curls; they're a whole vibe, a lifestyle, an unapologetic celebration of individuality.

We're not your mama's hair care brand; we're the crew for the (style) rebels, the (beauty) disruptors, and those who rep their curls and coils with swagger.

As a brand, COILBAR is like the ultimate hair kickback—everyone’s invited, and the curls are about to be poppin’!

The Curl Revolution

Starts Here

Our product lineup? We talkin’ shampoos, conditioners, and styling game-changers. Moisture? We gotchu. Curls poppin’? Absolutely. Hair growth on lock? You know it. Length retention? Oh, we got the secret sauce.

COILBAR products hook you up with those pro vibes right in your crib. No need to step out—you’re getting salon-level glam without even leaving your spot.

Clearly, this ain't just a haircare lineup; it's a whole concert for your curls. Get ready for the show, fam!

Unleash Your

Curl Power

COILBAR is the brainchild of a curl rebel, for curl rebels like you. We're that fresh breeze in the hair care game that's been vanilla for too long. Targeting the squad with curls ranging from those tight coils to laid-back loops, and every mixed-textured curl in the game, we're here to help you get them unstoppably good curls every single wash.

Our mission? Simple. We want you to not just rock your curls, but to own them like you're dropping the hottest beat on the block. No more hiding those coils; it's time to let them take center stage.

With COILBAR, you're not just getting hair care; you're getting a one-way ticket to unleashing your curl power.

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because YOU WANNA


It's all about embracing those natural coils, feeling fly, and straight-up loving the curls you got. That's what inspired us to drop a lineup that hooks up your 3A to 4C strands. We're talking maximum curl poppin', hair growth boostin', and length retention magic.

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And, because we wanna kick

bad washdays to the curb

Our vibe is all about making your washday game strong, no more guessin' games. We cooked up a hair quiz that's like your personal curl genie, matching you with the perfect COILBAR products and routines. Say goodbye to trial-and-error, fam!


Your feedback matters

Crew, we're all ears for what you gotta say! Your vibes, your wants, your needs – it all fuels the COILBAR magic, and we're cookin' up haircare that's just for you.

We're not just building products; we're building a vibe, a tribe, and a movement. Your curls, your rules. So, when you roll with us, your feedback ain't just heard; it's celebrated.

So kick back, check out the products making waves, witness those curls poppin' off, slide into the #CoilbarFam, and let us know what you think. We wanna know – what's on your mind.