Hair Routine for Medium-Porosity, Medium-Volume, Fine-Textured 3A-3C Curls (HQR193-196)

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And, here's your customized hair routine for treating, cleansing, conditioning, and styling your  medium porosity, medium volume, fine-textured, Type 3 curly strands:

TWA requires very little to no maintenance. Just make sure that you keep your hair hydrated with COILBAR Light-weight Hydrating Leave-In Liquid Conditioner or COILBAR Curl Revitalizing Spray or COILBAR Light-weight Moisturizing Curl Refresher.

SHORT half-inch to 2-inch ‘do can easily be detangled with your fingers. If hair is very short, use palm of your hand to rub in circles to create texture. For slightly longer hair, twist around finger to create curls and coils.

With a MEDIUM 2-inch to 10-inch 'do you can detangle your hair with fingers and follow with a wide tooth comb. You should separate your hair into sections when washing and styling, and only need to use a quarter-sized amount of styling product per section.

A LONG, 10-inch plus, armpit to waist-length locks should be detangled in sections, first with your fingers followed by a wide-tooth comb. At the minimum you'll need to use two quarter-sized dollops of styling product per section. To preserve your 'do overnight you can use a scrunchie to pineapple hair.


Pre-poo fine hair before shampooing and conditioning.

— Pre-poo protein mask: Once a month apply COILBAR Dead Sea Mud Deep Conditioning Hair Mask Treatment to strengthening strands.

— Pre-poo deep conditioning treatment: Twice a month or when you deem it necessary apply COILBAR Intense Hydrating Conditioner.

— Pre-poo oil treatment:

Overnight oil treatment: Once weekly apply 2 tablespoons of COILBAR Hair Oil Treatment. Rub it onto your strands from tip to root. If saturating strands, follow with COILBAR (Low Poo) Oil-Infused Clarifying Shampoo. Don a plastic cap and cover with your satin cap.

Hot oil treatment: Once weekly heat 2 tablespoons of COILBAR Hair Oil Treatment. Apply sparingly to the length of your hair and focus on the ends, which are the most delicate. Massage gently into your scalp for several minutes. Allow to sit for 15 minutes. Proceed to shampoo with COILBAR (Low Poo) Oil-Infused Clarifying Shampoo.


— Clarifying: Cleanse hair often or weekly with COILBAR (Low Poo) Deep Moisturizing Shampoo to remove buildup and to open the cuticle for optimal conditioning after.

— Co-washing: Co-wash sparingly if at all with COILBAR Silkening Co-Wash, and follow with COILBAR Light-Weight Leave-In Cream Conditioner.


— Regular conditioning: Once a week apply COILBAR Volumizing Conditioner to the ends of hair and begin detangling with your fingers or a pick. [NOTE: Diluting the conditioner may make it easier for strands to absorb.] After the ends are detangled, rinse lightly and then apply more COILBAR Volumizing Conditioner to the scalp. To minimize possible tangles rinse hair in one direction thoroughly from the scalp down while in the shower. Using a COILBAR T-shirt Towel to Squeeze out, rather than rub, excess water from your hair with a COILBAR T-Shirt Towel. Continue detangling hair using your fingers, a hair pick or a wide-tooth comb starting at the nape of the neck.

— Daily conditioning: Use COILBAR Light-Weight Leave-In Cream Conditioner to not weigh down hair while giving it the moisture it needs.

PRO STYLING TIP — Rub conditioners across your hands to ensure evenness. Then apply them three to four inches away from the root and to the ends.

STEP 4: PRODUCT COCKTAILING & STYLING for volume, definition, and hold

Layer styling products without being heavy-handed to avoid product overload, to add volume, to define curls, and to extend the number of days without having to re-moisturize your curls. Section hair into three or four parts to provide good product distribution and to ensure that no one area gets too much product. 

Step 4a: Add moisture to curls:

Divide hair into sections. Apply COILBAR Light-weight Moisturizing Detangler onto soaking wet hair (for low to medium porosity hair) or damp hair (for medium to high porosity hair) that is freshly cleansed, conditioned, and detangled to provide hair with moisture.

Place a plastic cap over hair until you are ready to complete styling with step 4b. Doing so will keep hair warm and well-saturated.

Step 4b: Seal moisture into curls:

Use three to four drops of COILBAR Growth Oil. Rub it in your palms to heat it up. Dab it sparingly along the length of your hair. Remember to apply your sealant sparingly and do not slather oils onto your scalp to prevent weighing down hair.

Step 4c: Define curls:

Apply COILBAR Volumizing Medium to Firm-Hold Curl Defining Mousse, work it in, and then use the COILBAR Detangling Brush to help form curl clumps.

Step 4d: Add more definition, volume and hold to curls:

For wash and gos emulsify 2-3 pumps of COILBAR Medium-Hold Moisturizing Argan Oil Styling Gel or COILBAR Light-Weight Medium-Firm Hold Curl Gel with 6-8 sprays of COILBAR Firm-Hold Volumizing Shine Spray between your palms. Scrunch this mixture into your hair from the mid-shafts to the roots, scrunching upwards. Scrunch your roots with a COILBAR T-shirt Towel to remove excess water, wait five minutes, and scrunch your roots again with your hands. This will prevent your roots from drying flat. Follow with your preferred curl and styling technique (Praying Hands, Rake and Shake, etc.).

— SPOT VOLUME: If you have a small area of hair that always seems to fall flat no matter what you do, thoroughly saturate the section, apply COILBAR Light-weight Moisturizing Detangler and COILBAR Volumizing Medium to Firm-Hold Curl Defining Mousse. Using a duckbill clip, root clip the section on a diagonal, lifting it slightly at the base. Spritz the roots with COILBAR Firm-Hold Volumizing Shine Spray, and then allow them to dry.

PRO STYLING TIP — amp up the staying power of volumizing spray by applying COILBAR Firm-Hold Volumizing Shine Spray on hair that is slightly damp. When spraying, focus on the roots of your hair to the mid-shafts, and then scrunch upwards. Start with a couple of spritzes and gradually add more as needed.

For medium to high-manipulation styles such as twists, bantu knots, braids, etc., use COILBAR Light-Hold Twisting Hair Butter or COILBAR Flax Seed Gel-Cream Curl Definer or COILBAR Medium-Weight Medium-Hold Curl Defining Cream. Follow with your preferred manipulation technique (twists, Bantu knots, braids, etc.).

PRO STYLING TIP — use heavy butters in the winter months in cold-weather locales and use light butters or lighter natural oils in warm weather and warm-weather locales.

Step 4e: Dry and set curls with volume:

Overnight drying: Pull your hair up into a loose pineapple when your hair is 90% dry to lift roots.

Air drying: Position your hair in the style you desire. Part the hair where you want the demarcation to be and reach up and under with your fingertips lifting the hair while it dries and pull it up to give it more fullness.

Diffusing: Use a dryer with a diffuser on the scalp only to set the base of the hair up. Squeeze hair ends. Scrunch and wad the hair up towards your roots, and lift the base of your hair with your fingers.

Step 4f: Style curls only after hair is COMPLETELY dry:

— For a wash and go: Apply a small amount of COILBAR Hair Growth Oil to hands. Next, gently scrunch out the crunch or flip your head over and lightly pick out your roots after your hair is completely dry. Don’t touch your curls. 

— For medium to high-manipulation styles such as twist-outs, bantu knots, braid-outs, etc.: Apply a small amount of COILBAR Hair Growth Oil to your hands, then gently un-twist or un-braid your hair. Next, lightly pick and/or fluff out your roots.


Refreshing and moisturizing tired curls, late-day, second-day wash and gos, or slept-in styles: Spray into hair COILBAR Light-weight Hydrating Leave-In Liquid Conditioner or COILBAR Curl Revitalizing Spray or COILBAR Light-weight Moisturizing Curl Refresher to refresh second-day hair or frizzy curls, to keep hair feeling soft, and to perk up listless curls.

Spot treating: Spritz dry areas of hair with COILBAR Curl Revitalizing Spray. If your hair requires more moisture, apply a small amount of COILBAR Light-weight Hydrating Leave-In Liquid Conditioner. Gently massage the moisturizer into the dry sections of your hair. Then, scrunch or twist areas that have lost definition.

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