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Why It’s Fire

No Crunch, All Hold
Gives you that medium hold that lasts for days, minus the crunch and residue.

Smooth Operator
It's got that thick consistency but glides onto your hair like a dream.

Curls on Point
Defines your curls, adds that shine, locks in moisture, and keeps frizz in check. Your curls are gonna be poppin'!

What’s in the Mix

Mango Butter: The Moisture MVP

This stuff is loaded with vitamins and fatty acids that keep your hair hella hydrated and thick. It’s like a drink for your curls, locking in moisture and stopping hair loss in its tracks. You want that soft, bouncy vibe? Mango Butter’s got you. It makes your hair more manageable, less prone to breakage, and straight-up luscious. Whether you’re fighting off dryness or just want to keep your curls looking fly, Mango Butter is the secret sauce for juicy, vibrant curls.

Tangerine Butter is where it’s at for conditioning and moisturizing your curls. This butter ain't just about keeping your hair soft; it’s also a major player in the growth game. Packed with nutrients, it conditions your hair like a dream while giving it that extra boost to grow stronger and longer. Say goodbye to dry, brittle strands and hello to smooth, hydrated curls that shine. Plus, Tangerine Butter’s got that citrusy vibe that smells fresh AF. Ready to level up your curl game? Tangerine Butter’s got you covered!

This oil is a triple threat: it kicks dandruff to the curb, calms any scalp irritation, and strengthens your hair from the roots up. Bergamot Oil doesn’t just stop there—it stimulates hair growth and adds some serious shine and softness. Imagine your curls looking glossy and feeling silky smooth, all while growing stronger and healthier. And that fresh, citrusy scent? Total bonus. Bergamot Oil’s got your back, keeping your scalp healthy and your curls looking fly.

This ingredient is all about increasing your hair’s ability to lock in moisture, so your curls stay hydrated and fresh. Wheat Protein adds volume like nobody’s business, making your hair look fuller and thicker. It’s also the MVP when it comes to reducing porosity and smoothing out your hair, so you get that sleek, polished look. Say goodbye to dry, limp curls and hello to bouncy, voluminous hair that’s got mad body and shine. Wheat Protein’s got you covered, keeping your curls on point and looking their best.

COILBAR Textured Haircare: woman with large type 4 curly afro

Ride Your Curls


COILBAR's the textured haircare brand where curls—from those tight coils to laid-back loops, and every mixed-textured curl in the game—aren't just curls; they're a whole vibe, a lifestyle, an unapologetic celebration of individuality.

We're not your mama's hair care brand; we're the crew for the (style) rebels, the (beauty) disruptors, and those who rep their curls and coils with swagger.

As a brand, COILBAR is like the ultimate hair kickback—everyone’s invited, and the curls are about to be poppin’!

How to Flex It

Step 1: Soak and Slay

Get that hair drenched. Apply A WHOLE SNACK Curl Defining Custard Gel to your soaking wet hair. This is key for ultimate definition and moisture. Trust us, you want that gel to glide on like butter.

Start at the ends of your hair and work your way up. This ensures every strand gets coated, from the tips to the roots. You’re building that definition from the ground up, fam.

Time to clump those curls. Use your go-to curl definition technique—whether it’s the praying hands method, shingling, or finger-raking. This is where the magic happens, making your curls pop and shine.

Let your hair air dry naturally or use a diffuser for added volume and bounce. Either way, you’re gonna be rocking defined, frizz-free curls that stay fly all day long.

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COILBAR is a premium textured haircare brand for strands of EVERY curl type — from tightly coiled to loose & loopy and every mixed-textured curl in between — featuring award-winning products crafted for getting unstoppably good curls every single wash.

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